If you are interested in having an off-grid lighting product or system tested and receiving our business development support, please review the steps below. In the context of Lighting Global, off-grid lighting systems are stand-alone rechargeable electric lighting appliances and kits that can be installed by a typical user without having to seek help from an electrical technician.

Click on each stage of the testing process below to access a description of what happens at that stage and read the associated policies and guidance.

  1. Initial Engagement
  2. Initial Screening Method (ISM) Testing (optional)
  3. Quality Test Method (QTM) Testing
  4. Web Presence
  5. Apply for Associate Status (optional)
  6. Market Check Method (MCM) Testing
  7. Associate Renewal (AR) Testing
  8. Lighting Global Intellectual Property (IP) Policy

We also offer a short brochure, available in both English and Chinese, that provides an overview of the testing process.