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  • The 2020 Global Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report

    The 2020 Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report finds that the industry has made tremendous strides in the past decade. Since 2017, revenues from the off-grid solar industry continue to rapidly grow, increasing by 30 percent annually. To date, more than 180 million off-grid solar units have been sold worldwide and the sector saw $1.5 billion in investments since 2012.

  • Stakeholder Feedback on Proposed Changes to the Draft Quality Standards under Review by the IEC: February 2020

    Stakeholder Feedback Summary

    In April 2019, Lighting Global Quality Assurance requested feedback on proposed changes to the draft of the quality standards under review by the International Electrotechincal Committee (IEC). As described in our request for public comment, the proposed changes included increased PV and battery safety requirements, as well as additional labeling and performance reporting requirements. We … Read More

  • Change Log for Quality Standards

    This document presents a list of all the changes made to the Quality Standards over time. Table 1 describes the changes made to the standards for pico-PV products (products with a peak PV power of 10 W or less). Table 2 describes the changes made to the standards for solar home system (SHS) kits (products … Read More

  • H1 2019 Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report

    Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report Every six months, Lighting Global and GOGLA publish the Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report, a market intelligence series on sales and impact of off-grid solar lighting products. Since H2 2018, the report also includes sales numbers of off-grid appliances, in partnership with the Efficiency for Access Coalition. January – June … Read More

  • Energy Access and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

    Worldwide, there is a growing importance to support the energy access needs of forcibly displaced persons. During humanitarian crises, energy access is often considered a lower priority when compared to the basic human needs of nutrition, health, education, etc. Further, empowering a marketplace for refugees strengthen self-determination and enables the development of economies and an … Read More

  • Market Research on Productive Use Leveraging Solar Energy (PULSE)

    An Emerging Market for Off-Grid Solar’s Newest Frontier: PULSE Ongoing innovation in technology and distribution models continues to be a hallmark of the off-grid solar sector. Having already led to hundreds of millions of people benefitting from off grid solar products ranging from lanterns to solar home systems (SHS), products are now developing along the sector’s … Read More