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  • Lighting Global Test Methods for Ingress Protection for PV Modules

    This procedure measures the potential for water and solid objects to enter and damage or degrade solar photovoltaic (PV) module junction boxes. It is designed for reference by the Lighting Global Quality Standards and will be submitted as an amendment to IEC 62257-9-5 when appropriate. This test would be conducted with a sample size of … Read More

  • Product Repair Part II: Manufacturer Best Practices

    Eco Design Note Issue 7

    This new Eco Design Note continues a discussion about product repair, focusing on steps that manufacturers can take to enable and encourage the repair of their products. The Note identifies three elements that can assist in repair efforts. These include designing a product for repair, making replacement parts available to local repair shops, and publishing … Read More

  • Outdoor Cable Policy

    Lighting Global Solar Home System Kit Testing Policy

    The Lighting Global Quality Standards for Solar Home System Kits include a requirement that “Any outdoor cables must be outdoor-rated and UV-resistant.” This requirement goes beyond the Quality Standards for pico-products and is based on the assumption that larger solar home system kits are expected to last for a longer period of time. Outdoor cables … Read More

  • Case Study: Women Entrepreneurs Light the Way for Solar Products in India

    Building markets for solar lighting, particularly among a widely distributed, low-income customer base, requires technical and business-model innovation. IFC’s Lighting Asia/India program accomplished both by partnering with solar distributors in India, such as Frontier Markets, to develop a network of women entrepreneurs known as Solar Sahelis. This network helped to overcome the cost and awareness … Read More

  • Renewable Energy Product Repair Part I: Overview

    Eco Design Note Issue 6

    This Eco Design Note examines the issue of product repair and highlights challenges and opportunities that exist in the formation of a viable repair market for renewable energy products. Potential benefits of repair for consumers and manufacturers are highlighted. This is the first part in a series of Notes on repair topics.

  • Webinar Slides Upcoming Changes to Lighting Global Quality Assurance Framework and QA Expansion to SHS Kits: 15 November 2016

    Stakeholder Webinar Slides

    This webinar covered upcoming changes to Lighting Global Quality Assurance framework, particularly regarding the integration of the test methods for pico-products and SHS kits into a single quality assurance framework that covers products with PV power up to 350 W. In June 2016, we requested feedback on our initial proposal and this webinar provides a … Read More

  • Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report Jan to Jun 2016

    Semi Annual Sales and Impact Data

    Lighting Global, the World Bank Group’s platform to support sustainable growth of the international off-grid solar market, and GOGLA, the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association, launched the latest Global Off-Grid Solar Semi-Annual Market Report, which includes performance data from 50 companies and covers the period of January to June 2016. This effort builds on a previous report, and is the … Read More

  • Investment and Finance Study for Off-grid Lighting

    GOGLA, Lighting Global, AT Kearney, etc.

    This study reviews the market for solar off0grid lighting products and concludes that improved financing can promote the industry growth. The market consists of about 1.3 to 1.4 billion people at the bottom of the pyramid who have no access to electricity, This group ‘s primary sources of light are kerosene lamps and battery operated … Read More