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  • Market Check Testing Policy

    Version 7

    Market Check Testing verifies that the quality and performance of products sold in the market match the levels measured during Lighting Global program entry testing (using the Quality Test Method (QTM) and reported on Standardized Specification Sheets). The goal is to ensure the quality and performance of products in the market is consistent and matches … Read More

  • Lighting Global Standardized Specification Sheets Guidelines

    Version 3.0

    The following document provides guidelines for creating Lighting Global Standardized Specification Sheets (SSS) that describe the characteristics of off-grid lighting products. The goal of the SSS is to provide clear, verifiable, and accurate information on quality and performance to potential buyers, with a focus on distributors and bulk purchasing agents. Qualification Standards and Targets To … Read More

  • Webinar Slides Seeking Feedback on Our Fee Structure: 7 March 2019 and 15 March 2019

    Stakeholder Webinar Slides

    Slides from the Lighting Global Quality Assurance webinar hosted on March 7, 2019 and March 15, 2019. The Quality Assurance team discussed changes we are considering to our fee schedule to put the program on a more sustainable trajectory, adjust to increasing costs of doing business, and increase fairness across companies.

  • USB Charging Performance of Off-grid Products

    In 2018, as part of ongoing efforts to bolster the off-grid solar market, Lighting Global Quality Assurance investigated the USB charging performance of off-grid solar products. Laboratory tests were conducted to assess the USB compatibility and charge times of product combinations. The testing demonstrated both successful charging performance and also identified problems that may occur … Read More

  • Energy Access and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

    Worldwide, there is a growing importance to support the energy access needs of forcibly displaced persons. During humanitarian crises, energy access is often considered a lower priority when compared to the basic human needs of nutrition, health, education, etc. Further, empowering a marketplace for refugees strengthen self-determination and enables the development of economies and an … Read More

  • Impact of Off Grid Lighting Solutions on Rural Households in India

    This report shares the key findings of a study undertaken by IFC’s Lighting Asia/India Program in partnership with d.light to evaluate the impact of solar lanterns on households’ economic, health, and educational parameters in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar India.

  • Lighting Global Quality Standards: A Guide to Complying with Consumer-Facing Information Requirements

    This compliance guide details the consumer-facing information that pico-solar and solar home system kit manufacturers must include in order to meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards. It is intended for marketing and communications professionals who may have limited familiarity with the Lighting Global Program and/or the Lighting Global Quality Standards.   On April 11, 2019, Lighting Global … Read More

  • New Standardized Specification Sheets for Quality-Verified Products

    Stakeholder Feedback Summary: December 2018

    This document describes the feedback received on the revised design of the Standardized Specification Sheets (Spec Sheets) for Lighting Global quality-verified products. With the transition to using the new version of the test methods (IEC/TS 62257-9-5:2018, ed. 4), the Spec Sheets can now report additional information about product performance and capabilities. These new Spec Sheets … Read More

  • PAYGo PERFORM Presentations

    Presentations and documents from the November PAYGo PERFORM Meetings in Kigali, available for download. Click here to learn more about the meeting or to watch the subsequent webinar.