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  • Energy Access and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

    Worldwide, there is a growing importance to support the energy access needs of forcibly displaced persons. During humanitarian crises, energy access is often considered a lower priority when compared to the basic human needs of nutrition, health, education, etc. Further, empowering a marketplace for refugees strengthen self-determination and enables the development of economies and an … Read More

  • Impact of Off Grid Lighting Solutions on Rural Households in India

    This report shares the key findings of a study undertaken by IFC’s Lighting Asia/India Program in partnership with d.light to evaluate the impact of solar lanterns on households’ economic, health, and educational parameters in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar India.

  • New Standardized Specification Sheets for Quality-Verified Products

    Stakeholder Feedback Summary: December 2018

    This document describes the feedback received on the revised design of the Standardized Specification Sheets (Spec Sheets) for Lighting Global quality-verified products. With the transition to using the new version of the test methods (IEC/TS 62257-9-5:2018, ed. 4), the Spec Sheets can now report additional information about product performance and capabilities. These new Spec Sheets … Read More

  • PAYGo PERFORM Presentations

    Presentations and documents from the November PAYGo PERFORM Meetings in Kigali, available for download. Click here to learn more about the meeting or to watch the subsequent webinar.

  • Product Testing and Laboratory Eligibility Policy

    Version 3.1

    This document explains how manufacturers can obtain valid test results for use by Lighting Global from a qualified test lab, as well as how a test laboratory can become approved to produce test results that will be accepted by the Lighting Global Quality Assurance (QA) program. Product Testing Process 1) Random Sampling (Quality Test Method … Read More

  • Togo Off-Grid Solar Market Assessment

    The International Finance Corporation (IFC) commissioned a new study to assess off-grid energy market in Togo, focused on solar lanterns and solar home systems, providing public and private sector actors with an up-to-date overview of insights and trends. This market research comes on the heels of IFC support to the Togolese government’s National Electrification Strategy prioritizing private … Read More

  • Non-Plug-and-Play Terminals Policy

    Version 1

    This policy explains the requirements that must be met for a product with non-plug-and-play terminals to be eligible for the Lighting Global Quality Assurance (QA) program, and provides examples of acceptable and unacceptable terminals and connectors. For a product to be eligible for the Lighting Global QA program, all electrical connections, except for permanent connections … Read More

  • Pico-PV Quality Standards

    Lighting Global maintains the Quality Standards, a set of off-grid lighting benchmarks that set a baseline level of quality, durability, and truth-in-advertising to protect consumers. These Standards apply to products with power up to and including 10 W. [Note: products with peak power ratings greater than 10 W and up to 350 W are held to … Read More

  • 微型太阳能产品质量标准 (Pico-PV Quality Standards)

    点亮全球项目使用产品质量标准来保护消费者权益。产品质量标准针对离网照明产品设定了产品质量、耐用性和广告真实性的基准要求。该质量标准适用于最大功率10W的产品。[注:功率大于10W但不超过350W的产品应根据太阳能家用系统质量标准来评估。如果功率介于11-15W的产品因其他项目规定,而需要依照微型太阳能产品质量标准进行测试,每项测试将多使用两个样本进行评估,并且产品需要同时符合太阳能系统以及微型太阳能产品质量标准。] 产品是否符合质量标准是根据实验室检测结果来判定的。实验室采用点亮全球产品质量测试方法(QTM)对产品进行测试。该测试方法来自于国际电工委员会IEC最新版本的技术标准(Technical Specification)62257-9-5。符合质量标准的产品将得到标准产品规格表(Specifications Sheet)和证书(Verification Letter),并会被发布在点亮全球的网站上: 最新版本的质量标准可以从下面的链接下载。质量标准已经翻译成中文,但如果中文版本和英文版本有理解或释义上的出入,以英文版本为准。