Off-Grid Public Facilities PV System Design Tool

This tool has been developed to assist with creating high-level system designs of stand-alone solar installations at public facilities for initial cost estimates and inclusion in bid specifications. Project developers may choose to use this Excel-based tool to estimate the required size of PV systems, but this is not a requirement; other tools and PV system design professionals are available that can perform these calculations. The tool only considers PV‐battery systems, and does not include designs for PV-diesel hybrid systems or grid‐connected systems.

This tool is intended to support the processes described in the Requirements and Guidelines for Installation of Off-grid Solar Systems for Public Facilities and the Bid Specification Templates for Off-grid Solar Systems for Public Facilities.

In addition to the excel-based tool, some example designs are presented to show how the outputs of the tool can be formatted.

Resource Type: Quality Assurance

Country: Global

Language: English