Capacity Building

Strengthening Government Capacity

As the off-grid lighting and energy sector is relatively new and still developing in many countries, there is often a skills gap in public sector energy access agencies when it comes to off-grid solar vis-a-vis grid solutions, which can impact the implementation of targets. Some countries, for example, lack capacity in their government bodies to create and carry out policies and regulations that are identified as enabling for off-grid electrification, such as standards bureaus. 

As part of our engagement through World Bank projects, we work with our government partners to increase this capacity. Our experience shows that building government capacity can maximize results.

Providing key business support

Similarly, as the off-grid lighting and energy sector has attracted new, small enterprises and enlisted non-typical sales forces such as women’s groups to help increase access to these transformative products, helping to build capacity all along the value chain is a key component of our work.

Our on-the-ground experts work with governments on supporting technical assistance facilities that provide matchmaking with manufacturers as well as business model support. We advise governments on working with companies to fine tune their business models, sales and marketing strategies, and product distribution networks. 

In Liberia, for example, we worked with the government to bring together local retailers including NGOs, women’s groups, and SMEs to provide technical, financial, and business training to help them establish and grow their business under a technical training workshop.

Associate distributor training program, Ethiopia 2015
Distributor training program, Ethiopia