Benefits of Off-Grid Solar

Currently, about 733 million people worldwide live without access to affordable, reliable and safe modern energy. The majority of those living without modern energy services rely on kerosene, candles, battery torches, or other fossil fuel-powered technologies for lighting. These traditional solutions are expensive, harmful to health, hazardous and polluting, and can’t power other energy services. They resign the poorest people on the planet to a life of energy poverty which constrains economic development and impedes access to education, health, and basic services including communications, water, and transportation.

Off-grid solar energy products provide a safer, cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable alternative to conventional lighting solutions. They can also provide services that go far beyond lighting, including stand-alone systems to power the needs of households, public institutions like schools and health centers, as well as for farms, business, and other productive uses. Learn more about off-grid solar Products>