Gender Survey

In a recent survey of women working in the OGS sector, GOGLA and the World Bank Group’s Lighting Global (with support from the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program – ESMAP) sought to examine the gender gaps that currently exist within the sector and avenues to close the gap. The questions surveyed

  • initiatives and products supporting gender equality;
  • leadership, workforce, and customer base; and
  • professional networks for women with respect to individual and organizational participation.

The survey was distributed via email and social media platforms and all responses were voluntary and anonymous. Fifty five individuals from 20 countries and 37 organizations participated in this survey.  The results of this survey will help inform the creation of multiple gender inclusion activities which could include: A professional OGS network for women, working group for gender inclusion champions,  a toolkit for practitioners on how to advance gender equalities, and the development of industry-standards and market insights to evaluate gender inclusion within the sector.

Resource Type: Market Analysis & Trends

Country: Global

Language: English