Any product that meets the Lighting Global Quality Standards is subject to market check testing. 

The Market Check Method (MCM) is used to ensure that the quality of products sold in the market matches that measured at program entry. The MCM is described in IEC/TS 62257-9-5.

Our team selects product units randomly from the market without necessarily notifying the client. We may however require that clients provide a list of at least 10 retail outlets or distributors where products may be found.

Typically an initial “primary check test” consists of an Initial Screening Method (ISM) test with a sample size of two.

If the market check test results confirm the performance recorded during QTM testing, the product maintains its status. If the product is deficient, additional testing, typically with a sample size of six, may be required at the client’s expense. If additional testing is not conducted or the additional testing still indicates that the product is deficient, the product may lose the Lighting Global program support.

Market Check Test Policy