Policy for Renewing Test Results

Quality Test Method (QTM) tests are valid for a period of two years from the date the results are received by the manufacturers. They must be either renewed or updated to ensure continued support for another two-year period, with the cost of testing borne by the manufacturer.

For renewal, where a product has not changed, the requirements are to use a two-sample Initial Screening Method (ISM) test with randomly procured samples to confirm the original results. The tests should take about 1.5 months from sampling to issuing a report.

For updates to products, new Quality Test Method (QTM) results are required, which typically takes 4-5 months from sampling to issuing a report. If interim support is needed while QTM tests are underway, an ISM test can be used to bridge the gap. When there is overlap between an original and next-generation model, Lighting Global also provides three months of gap support to the original product in addition to the standard two-year eligibility period.

Resource Type: Quality Standards and Policies

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