Quality Assurance Update: June 2018

…ct packaging and other consumer-facing information. We speculate that some instances of non-compliance may be due to internal disconnects within some producer companies; for example, technical staff who understand the quality standards may not be relaying the consumer-facing information requirements to their marketing departments. To help remedy the situation, we are looking into producing and disseminating a document that explains in simple terms…

Freeplay’s Solar Lighting Product Meets Lighting Global Quality Standards

…evice. With both bulbs on, the system can brightly light a room for over six hours after a single day of solar charging. Each bulb comes with a five meter-long cable such that the product can be installed to simultaneously light more than one room in a home. Freeplay is a subsidiary of EuroSuisse International, a Hong Kong-based supplier of home appliances….

Testing Process

…stand-alone rechargeable electric lighting appliances and kits that can be installed by a typical user without having to seek help from an electrical technician. Click on each stage of the testing process below to access a description of what happens at that stage and read the associated policies and guidance. Initial Engagement Initial Screening Method (ISM) Testing (optional) Quality Test Method (QTM) Testing Web Presence Market Check Method (MC…

Quality Verification Services: New Pricing Fees Explained

…y products are those that require tools to make connections at the time of installation. Details on the requirements for this type of system can be found in the Non-Plug and Play Terminals Policy on the VeraSol website. Watt-Hour/Day Calculation This fee is charged in addition to either the base testing fees, the fee for a new product family, or the fee for a revised Spec Sheet/Spec Book. This fee will also be applied for recalculations of the Dai…

Selling Solar to Rural Africa is Emerging as a Hot Market

…million for M-Kopa. Generation has invested in energy companies like solar installer SolarCity and smart thermostat maker Nest, now owned by Google parent Alphabet (GOOG -2.25%) . M-Kopa’s round also included funding from Virgin’s Richard Branson and Steve Case, founder of AOL. Using the funds, M-Kopa plans to expand its business to reach 1 million homes in East Africa by the end of 2017. To date, M-Kopa has sold solar to about 280,000 homes in Ke…

IFC partners with GIZ in Bangladesh to increase energy access for off-grid communities

…ed lighting devices and appliances through using the private sector-driven market approach. Solar energy products are rapidly transforming energy access in Bangladesh, where 50,000 solar homes systems are being installed every month, making it the fastest growing solar home systems program in the world, with World Bank financing. The country envisions achieving of universal access to electricity by 2021….

OPINION | Solar and battery storage: A clean solution to a dirty problem

…electricity generated by the grid. In some countries, such as Nigeria, the installed capacity of generators is several times greater than grid capacity. One out of every five liters of diesel and gasoline in Sub-Saharan Africa is burned in a back-up generator. To make matters worse, in developing countries, generators are often used in close proximity to the homes and businesses they serve, increasing the risk to people living and working nearby….

Off-Grid Solar Market Returns to Robust Growth, According to Latest Sector Report

…For the first time, the report also captured the amount of solar capacity installed by participating companies: 22 megawatts between July and December 2017. Russell Sturm, the Global Head of Energy Access at IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, says clean, affordable off-grid energy solutions are delivering crucial private sector growth in emerging economies. “Innovation and investment are catalyzing a revolution in energy access.” said Sturm….

Quality Standards Updates

…rable products in this category, we do not require that products which are installed indoors meet the same requirement as portable products. 3. Added a footnote to clarify a policy already followed by the Lighting Global test labs: “If a product fails on any aspects at any point during testing, even if not during the specific test used to evaluate that aspect, the product will still fail on the basis of that aspect. For example, if a switch stops…

Solar Lighting in Humanitarian Emergency Settings

…r-powered lanterns. In addition, 2,000 solar-powered street lights will be installed in households and communal areas. “Safe access to domestic fuel and energy stands at the intersection of so many things that are of concern to UNHCR – from protection, to nutrition, to health, to the environment, to livelihoods to education,” Steven Corliss, director of the UNHCR Division of Programme Support and Management, said at the launch of the SAFE strategy…