By Plugging in Africa, Mobisol Connects a Continent to Change

Mobisol systems meet the energy needs of entire households, powering lighting, electronics, and appliances such as refrigerators. © Mobisol

Jacinta Auma used to stock kerosene lamps, flashlights, and candles to light her home in rural Kenya, but that changed when solar panels were installed on her roof.  Now that her home is powered by Mobisol—a pay-as-you-go solar energy service company delivering renewable energy solutions to off-grid communities in East Africa—she doesn’t have to travel to the next village just to charge her phone, either.

So far, Mobisol has installed over 70,000 solar home systems in households and businesses throughout East Africa, enabling approximately 350,000 people like Auma to access clean, affordable, and reliable solar energy. It offers an alternative to fossil fuels for low-income African households, reducing carbon emissions by 35,000 tons a year—equivalent to taking more than 7,000 passenger cars off the road.

IFC’s recent equity investment of €5.42 million will help accelerate Mobisol’s growth in Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

In addition to IFC’s recent equity investment, we also provided Mobisol with advice on how to verify the quality of its products, market these products, analyze sales trends, and expand its reach.

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