Solar Home System Kit Quality Standards

This document describes the Quality Standards for Solar Home System Kits, which set a baseline level of quality, durability, and truth in advertising to protect consumers. Kits covered by these Standards must be “plug-and-play,” have a peak power of 350 W or less, and a DC voltage of 24 V or less. [Note, products smaller than 15 W may be evaluated as pico-products under the Pico-PV Quality Standards.]

Conformance with the Quality Standards is evaluated based on results from laboratory testing according to the Lighting Global Solar Home System Kit Quality Test Method (QTM). Products that have met the Quality Standards are issued a Spec Sheet and Verification Letter and posted on the Lighting Global website:

Current and previous versions of the Quality Standards may be downloaded below. The current version is also available in Chinese 中文版 and French (français) for informational purposes. In case of a discrepancy, the English original will prevail.

Resource Type: Quality Standards and Policies

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Language: Chinese, English, French