Changes to Battery Durability Test Thresholds in Quality Standards

The Battery Durability Storage Test is critical for ensuring the use of high quality batteries. However, on review of the standards used in development of the test method and an assessment of initial results from product testing, the Lighting Global quality assurance team has decided to revise the passing thresholds to more closely align with … Read More

Japanese Battery Maker Ventures into Off-Grid Solar Lighting Products

Respected Japanese battery manufacturer, GS Yuasa International Ltd, has ventured into the off-grid lighting sector producing two solar lighting products that have both meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards. Thetwo new solar lighting products in their diversified product offerings are the Mini Moshi-Moshi and the AKARi Solar Light. The Mini Moshi-Moshi has one LED light which provides … Read More

Apply to Test your Solar Home System Kit

Over the next year, Lighting Global and the regional programs (Lighting Africa and Lighting Asia) will begin to extend support to “plug-and-play” direct current (DC) solar home system kits. An early step in this process is exploring and piloting a variety of test methods for these larger (greater than 10 W) systems. In this first round of … Read More

Freeplay’s Solar Lighting Product Meets Lighting Global Quality Standards

Freeplay Energy –designer and manufacturer of clean energy products for off-grid families, has released a new solar lighting product which meets the Lighting Global Quality Standards. The Solar Energy Centre comes with two bright LED bulbs and has a USB port to enable charging a mobile phone or other device.  With both bulbs on, the system … Read More

Panasonic releases portable solar lantern

Panasonic has a new portable, durable lighting product, the BG-BL03 Solar Lanternthat meets the Lighting Global Quality Standards. The BG-BL03 Solar Lantern has three light settings: on the brightest setting it can provide over six hours of bright light after a single day of solar charging, while on lower settings it can run for over 20 hours. It … Read More

Schneider Electric Releases New Portable Solar Light

Schneider Electric has new portable lighting product which meets the Lighting Global Quality Standards for off-grid lighting. The Mobiya TS120S/Awango TS120 offers long-lasting bright light and mobile phone charging. It can be hung or carried by a comfortable and durable handle. After a full day of charging in the sun, the product can provide more … Read More

Lighting Africa: Moving Consumers Up the Energy Ladder

After successfully catalyzing the market for clean, affordable solar lighting products in the unelectrified, largely rural areas of Africa, the Lighting Africa program is moving up the energy ladder to support products that provide a wider range of energy services, beyond lighting and cellphone charging. This expansion into larger systems is prompted by consumer and … Read More

New Policy Released for Testing Product Families with Interchangeable Components

Lighting Global just released a Framework for Testing Product Component Families  to respond to the increasing market presence of off-grid lighting “product families”—a set of interchangeable components sold on a component-level basis or as “mix-and-match” kits. The policy outlines the creation of efficient and affordable custom test plans for these product families. Custom test plans … Read More