Call for comments on IEC Technical Specification 62257-9-5 ed2.0

The Lighting Global quality assurance team will propose changes to the test methods described in IEC/TS 62257-9-5 ed2.0 during the upcoming IEC revision process. Our recommended changes are described in this memo. The quality assurance framework and test methods described in IEC/TS 62257-9-5 ed2.0 were originally developed under Lighting Africa and are now used by … Read More

Second Product From Niwa Meets Quality Standards

A second off-grid lighting product from Niwa – Next Energy Products Ltd , the Uno 50, has met the rigorous Lighting Global Quality Standards. The Uno 50 is a compact, durable, and portable lighting product with an inbuilt solar module. It comes with a stand that makes the product ideal as a task light e.g. for reading. The product’s … Read More

SolarAid Partners with University of Edinburgh on Managing Waste from Solar Lights

SolarAid and the University of Edinburgh announced a three year research partnership to look at waste, recycling and repair of solar lights in Africa, funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council . The PhD research project will look at waste management and recycling processes and practices in similar markets and make recommendations for … Read More

Orb Energy Releases New Multi-Room Plug-and-Play System

Orb Energy has released a new product, the Solectric 30, which doubles the power and lamps of its first product, the Solectric 15. The Solectric 30 comes with four hanging/ceiling lamps that cumulatively provide up to 600 lumens (very bright) of light, which is enough light to light several rooms, for more than four hours. This solar … Read More

d.light Introduces Pay-As-You-Go Product

d.light design has introduced a new plug-and-play solar home lighting system which offers two lamps and a portable lantern. The product can charge mobile phones. The D20, which has met the Lighting Global Quality Standards, has two light settings – bright ambient light, and task or reading light. In Kenya, customers have the option to … Read More

Ingress Protection (IP) test methods for solar PV modules released

The Lighting Global team has released the test methods to extend the ingress protection (IP) requirement to PV module junction boxes. As promised, manufacturers will have a 3-month grace period from the date of release to comply with this new IP requirement. All products which begin testing after June 15th, 2014 must pass these additional … Read More

New policy released for using test laboratories outside the Lighting Global network

Lighting Global recently published the Lighting Global Product Testing Policy (version 1.0): Implications of Publication of IEC TS 62257-9-5, Edition 2.0 on Product Testing. This policy explains how manufacturers can obtain valid test results for use by Lighting Global from any qualified independent test laboratory, as well as how a test laboratory can become approved … Read More

Marathoner Releases New Products With Extras

Marathoner CLP Ltd has released two new products and updated their award-winning Beacon MB2-380 by adding a device with a powerful LED that can serve both as a torch or flash light and a remote control for lights, turning its room lights on and off from a distance. The new Beacon MB2-200 includes one room light along with the new … Read More

Greenlight Planet Releases Two New Portable Solar Lamps

Greenlight Planet has released two additional portable solar lights with mobile charging capacity bringing to five its range of products that have met the off-grid lighting Quality Standards. The Sun King Mobile provides more than five hours of lighting per day in turbo mode, and over 10 hours at normal brightness setting. Greenlight Planet’s second new product, the Sun … Read More

Barefoot Releases New Plug-and-Play Solar Home Lighting System

Barefoot Power has released its fifth product, a new plug-and-play solar home system, the Connect 600 , which is one of three products that have met the Quality Standards for multiple (four) light points. Barefoot’s new product offers a total light output of 300 lumens for eight hours after a single day of charging in the sun. … Read More