Economist Intelligence Unit blog on off-grid energy sector, featuring interview with Lighting Global Program Co-Manager, Dana Rysankova

Describing the off-grid sector as “a force that could fundamentally reshape energy provision in some of the world’s least well-connected places—and create vast business opportunities in the process,” in the view of participants at the recent Off-Grid Solar Forum in Hong Kong, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Michael Gold has posted a new blog post about the industry.
Recognizing the essential role played by the private sector, technological innovation, and innovative financial models, through a number of interviews at the conference, Mr. Gold also interviewed Lighting Global Program Co-Manager, Dana Rysankova, to discuss the role of the World Bank Group.

“Haiti, the Democratic Republic of Congo—these are places that still need our help,” says Ms. Rysankova. “We find that promoting off-grid solar solutions in countries like these can help spread electrification faster than traditional grid development.” The challenge now she says, is to “prove that the market solutions can be leveraged to reach that last billion of unelectrified households, no matter how poor or how remote they are.”
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