New Resource: Meeting Lighting Global Quality Standards for Consumer-Facing Information Requirements

In an effort to increase compliance with the Lighting Global Quality Standards, the Quality Assurance team has just released a new guide to compliance for the consumer-facing information requirements of those standards. This easy-to-use document provides clear guidance for marketing and communications professionals who may have limited familiarity with the Lighting Global Program and the Quality Standards.  
Currently, the Lighting Global Quality Standards include four kinds of consumer-facing information requirements:

  1. Truth in Advertising: Consumer-facing claims about the product’s performance and other characteristics must be accurate, whether on the package or user manual, in online advertising, sales collateral, or elsewhere. 
  2. Performance Reporting RequirementsThe product packaging must accurately report certain key product features and performance metrics.
  3. Minimum Warranty Terms: The product must be backed by a consumer-facing warranty of a certain minimum duration from date of purchase by the end user. 
  4. Other Consumer-Facing Information Requirements: Other pieces of information may be required on consumer-facing materials like the product packaging and user manual, depending on the type of product. 

The new guide to compliance includes detailed information on how to satisfy the above requirements, and provides links to resources where users may obtain more information about the Quality Standards. We hope it will clarify important aspects of our standards and allow for a smoother verification process. However, manufacturers should note that adequate, consumer-facing information is just one aspect of the Lighting Global Quality Standards. Products must also meet a number of technical parameters. For further detail on these requirements, please refer to the Quality Standards for pico-solar products and SHS kits on the Lighting Global website.  
As always, we appreciate your support of the Lighting Global program. If you have any questions or are interested in seeing similar guides for other aspects of the Lighting Global Quality Standards, please contact us anytime at