The Lighting Global Quality Standards set the international baseline level of quality, durability, and truth in advertising to protect consumers. Buyers, governments, and institutions around the world have used our standards to protect consumers and effectively regulate the marketplace. Meeting these Standards is a requirement for participation in Lighting Global support programs.

The Lighting Global Quality Standards address the following critical aspects related to product quality and consumer trust:  

  • Truth in Advertising: Advertising and marketing materials accurately reflect tested product performance. 
  • Durability: Product is appropriately protected from water exposure and physical ingress, has durable switches and connectors and, if portable, survives being dropped. 
  • System Quality: Product passes a visual wiring and assembly inspection. 
  • Lumen Maintenance: Product maintains consistent light output after 2,000 hours of operation. 
  • Warranty: A consumer-facing warranty is available; the required warranty duration varies by product type. 

Quality Standards

The Lighting Global Quality Standards are applicable for pico-products up to 10 Wp and solar home system (SHS) kits up to 350 Wp. 

Pico-PV Quality Standards (available in Chinese (中文版), and French (français))
Lighting Global maintains the Quality Standards for pico-PV off-grid lighting products. These may be used for products with peak power ratings of 10 Wp or less.



SHS Kits Quality Standards (available in Chinese 中文版 and French (français))
Lighting Global now supports Solar Home System Kits. These are appropriate for products with peak power ratings greater than 10 Wp and up to 350 Wp.



Transition to IEC TS 62257-9-8 

In June 2020, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) published Technical Specification 62257-9-8 (IEC TS 62257-9-8). This document contains quality standards for pico-products and SHS kits up to 350 Wp. The quality standards referenced in IEC TS 62257-9-8 are largely based on the Lighting Global Quality Standards and are the result of deep collaboration between Lighting Global Quality Assurance and the IEC. 

The publication of quality standards for off-grid solar products by the IEC is a major accomplishment for Lighting Global and the quality assurance program, now VeraSol. VeraSol will soon certify all solar energy kits up to 350 Wp to the quality standards contained in IEC TS 62257-9-8. All products certified to the Lighting Global Quality Standards with valid verification letters do not have resubmit their product(s) for testing. After January 1, 2021, all products submitted for testing must conform with the quality standards in IEC TS 62257-9-8 to receive a VeraSol certificate and listing in the VeraSol Product Database. Visit the VeraSol website for more information.