Associate Services (CN)

合作方企业分为两类:生产符合点亮全球质量标准的产品的开发商或制造商,和销售这些产品的分销商。合作机构企业将获得全球和国家地区的合作机构服务,包括优先获取市场情报、B2B 链接、融资便利、参与消费者宣教活动以及一般商业发展支持。

The Lighting Global program and its regional affiliate programs – Lighting Africa and Lighting Asia – all work to build markets capable of bringing high quality, affordable modern off-grid lighting products to off-grid consumers. Supporting client companies to expand markets for their quality-verified products is a cornerstone of this work.
Client companies become our Program Associates after one or more of their products meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards and the company passes our due diligence screening.
There are two categories of Associates: developers/manufacturers of products that have met the Lighting Global Quality Standards, and distributors of these products. Associates receive global and country-based Associate Services including privileged access to market intelligence reports, business to business linkages, facilitation of access to finance, participation in consumer education campaigns and general business development support.
Visit our product testing pathway to learn more about submitting products for quality verification, and how to become a Program Associate.