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是否达到这些质量标准,将根据实验室检测结果进行评估。实验室按照 IEC/TS 62257-9-5 或《点亮全球项目家用太阳能系统质量保证规程》中规定的质量检测方法进行。检测采用库存随机抽取的样品,在经核准的第三方检测中心进行。产品检测达到质量标准,才能获得点亮全球项目的标准产品规格表(Standard Specification Sheet, SSS)和证书(Verification Letter)。之后我们可能会继续进行市场抽检,以确保市场上出售的产品持续达标;如产品未能通过,则从网站上删除其验证材料。

微型太阳能质量标准 (Pico-PV Quality Standards)

家用太阳能系统质量标准 (SHS Kits Quality Standards)
点亮全球项目支持即插即用型的家用太阳能发电系统,它们适用于最大功率介乎10 -350瓦的产品。

  • 广告真实性:广告和营销材料准确宣称经检测产品的性能。
  • 耐用性:产品应具备适当防水、防固体异物的功能,开关和连接装置要耐用,便携式产品应防摔。
  • 系统质量:产品通过接线和装配目测检查。
  • 流明维持率:产品在使用2000小时后仍能保持合理的光输出量。
  • 保修:消费者享有保修权利,保修期规定随产品类型而异。




Lighting Global maintains Quality Standards that set a baseline level of quality, durability, and truth in advertising to protect consumers. Meeting the Standards is a requirement for participation in Lighting Global support programs.

Quality Standards

Conformance with the Quality Standards is evaluated based on results from laboratory testing according to the Quality Test Method (QTM) as defined by IEC/TS 62257-9-5. The tests are conducted at an approved, third-party test center using randomly-procured samples. To receive a Lighting Global Standardized Specifications Sheet and Verification Letter, a product must meet the Quality Standards in an initial round of tests. We may follow up with Market Check Testing to ensure that products on the market continue to meet the Standards; if the product fails this testing, its verification materials are withdrawn from the website.
Lighting Global has now expanded to cover two ranges of products with two different sets of Quality Standards:

Pico-PV Quality Standards (available in Chinese (中文版), and French (français))
Lighting Global maintains the Quality Standards for pico-PV off-grid lighting products. These may be used for products with peak power rating of 10 W or less.

SHS Kits Quality Standards (available in Chinese 中文版 and French (français))
Lighting Global now supports Solar Home System Kits. These are appropriate for products with peak power ratings greater than 10 W up to 350 W.
The standards are routinely updated to reflect changes in the market (see Change Log for Quality Standards), but always address the same core aspects:

  • Truth in Advertising: Advertising and marketing materials accurately reflect tested product performance.
  • Durability: Product is appropriately protected from water exposure and physical ingress, has durable switches and connectors and, if portable, survives being dropped.
  • System Quality: Product passes a visual wiring and assembly inspection.
  • Lumen Maintenance: Product maintains consistent light output after 2,000 hours of operation.
  • Warranty: A consumer-facing warranty is available; the required warranty duration varies by product type.

The following policies provide additional guidance on particular requirements of the Quality Standards:

Reference the Standards

Buyers, governments, and institutions that need to ensure product quality and performance can use our Quality Standards to protect buyers and consumers and effectively regulate the marketplace. Harmonizing requirements with Lighting Global means leveraging the most up-to-date, globally relevant Quality Standards and ensures continued insights from the marketplace will protect buyers and consumers.
Check out our resources for bulk purchasers, such as NGOs and distributors, to appropriately reference and adapt the Quality Standards for their purposes. Contact Lighting Global for more information on implementing a standards framework for your organization.