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  • Quality Assurance Resources for New Manufacturers

    The Lighting Global Quality Standards and quality verification process form the internationally-recognized baseline for product quality and integrity that all market actors can trust. The Quality Standards define minimum requirements for quality, durability, and truth in advertising to protect consumers. The Lighting Global quality verification process confirms whether a product meets the standards. This resource … Read More

  • H2 2019 Global Off-Grid Solar Market Sales Report

    July – December 2019 Every six months, GOGLA and Lighting Global publish the Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report, a market intelligence series on sales and impact of off-grid solar lighting products, sold by GOGLA and Lighting Global affiliates. The trends and sales figures included in this report refer to the period July-December 2019, and were recorded … Read More

  • Change Log for Quality Standards

    This document presents a list of all the changes made to the Quality Standards over time. Table 1 describes the changes made to the standards for pico-PV products (products with a peak PV power of 10 W or less). Table 2 describes the changes made to the standards for solar home system (SHS) kits (products … Read More

  • Lighting Global Associate Services Offering

    Lighting Global is the World Bank Group’s initiative to rapidly increase access to off-grid solar energy for the 840 million living without grid electricity around the world. Lighting Global works with manufacturers, distributors, governments, entrepreneurs, and other development partners to build and grow the modern off-grid solar energy market for household, productive, and commercial use. … Read More

  • Summary of Requirements in IEC TS 62257-9-8:2020

    This document provides a summary of the requirements and additional test methods in International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Technical Specification (TS) 62257-9-8: Integrated systems – Requirements for stand-alone renewable energy products with power ratings less than or equal to 350 W.

  • COVID-19 Webinar Slides

    To see our full list of COVID-19 Resources, click here.   In periods of economic crisis, maintaining liquidity is the key to survival. Companies able to anticipate impacts on sales and revenues, and then take effective steps to manage cash, can ride through rough waters and sustain operations until a better day. GOGLA and IFC’s … Read More

  • The 2020 Global Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report

    The 2020 Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report finds that the industry has made tremendous strides in the past decade. Since 2017, revenues from the off-grid solar industry continue to rapidly grow, increasing by 30 percent annually. To date, more than 180 million off-grid solar units have been sold worldwide and the sector saw $1.5 billion in investments since 2012.