WEBINAR | The Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report 2020 – Key Findings for Manufacturers

Over the past decade, the IFC Lighting Global, ESMAP & GOGLA Off-Grid Solar Market Trends Report has been the report of record for the off-grid solar industry. It is the biennial anchor of the Lighting Global, ESMAP & GOGLA franchise of market data and trends reports, which is the go-to source of sector information for companies, investors, industry members, policy-makers, and other stakeholders in the sector.

Open Capital Advisors, the co-authors of the 2020 report, will host this webinar, discussing key findings from the report and how they apply to off-grid solar manufacturers. It will include information on key trends amongst consumers, technology and regulations, the size of the market opportunity and how the current landscape of partners is changing.
Join us as we discuss these topics and more, followed by a question and answer session.

Harry Masters

Harry is a Senior Project Leader at Open Capital in the Energy Access Practice. He manages Open Capital’s Uganda Off-Grid Market Accelerator and provides market research and strategy development for off-grid companies and investors.
Jonnie Clowes
Jonnie is a Project Leader at Open Capital in the Energy Access Practice. He has been working in Nairobi for the past 4 years supporting global off-grid companies to scale, facilitating investments, and running large scale energy access programs.
Webinar information
Time:Friday 15th May 2020     15:00 – 17:00 China Standard Time
Meeting link: Tencent meeting APP https://voovmeeting.com/s/5ktbBI84790e
Meeting ID:906 046 175      Meeting code:0515
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About Open Capital Advisors

Open Capital Advisors is a management consulting and financial advisory firm that drives growth, enables investment, and builds markets. We help businesses, investors, development partners, and the public sector identify opportunities and deliver unique, impactful solutions. We are a team of over 130 professionals based in four offices in Africa, covering engagements with global and local clients focused on emerging and frontier markets.
《2020离网太阳能趋势报告》网络研讨会 — 制造商该挖掘的要点有哪些?

在过去十年里,国际金融公司点亮全球项目、世界银行能源部门管理援助计划(ESMAP)与全球离网太阳能协会(GOGLA)发布的《离网太阳能趋势报告》已经是全球离网太阳能产业的发展记录报告,这是点亮全球、ESMAP 与 GOGLA 市场数据和趋势报告的两年一次的主播,这是公司、投资者、行业成员、政策制定者及其他行业相关者寻求行业信息的来源。
开放资本咨询公司(Open Capital Advisors,简称 OCA)作为2020报告的合著者,在点亮全球项目的组织下,将主导本次网络研讨会做解读,讨论报告中的主要发现及其如何适用于离网太阳能制造商,将涉及消费者及技术与法规中的主要趋势、市场机会规模、合作伙伴的目前状况正在发生什么变化等。
Harry Masters
Harry 是 OCA 能源接入业务的项目高级负责人。他在 OCA 管理乌干达离网市场加速器,为离网公司与投资者提供市场研究与战略制定。
Jonnie Clowes
Jonnies 是 OCA 能源接入业务的项目负责人。过去4年,他一直在内罗毕工作,支持全球离网公司扩大规模,促进投资,并负责运行大规模的能源接入项目。
时间:2020年5月15日     15:00 – 17:00 北京时间
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