Snapshot Assessment of the Off-Grid Solar Lighting Appliance Market Opportunity in Bangladesh

This snapshot assessment sets out both the need for Pico PV solar lighting appliances in both off grid and under electrified areas of Bangladesh as well as the significant market potential for these lighting appliances. Pico PV solar appliances or systems are characterized by the portability of the device with batter in the same casing as the luminaries which are usually light emitting diodes (LEDs). The Pico PV market in Bangladesh is at a nascent stage with only a couple of companies operating in a limited geographic and target market context. The market potential remains significant and more companies are likely to enter the competition. This snapshot assessment has been prepared to help stakeholders dealing in Pico PV solar lighting appliances in Bangladesh to better understand existing opportunities. It includes indicative consumer preferences for these products, which were assessed by way of a market survey in 2013.

Resource Type: Market Analysis & Trends

Country: Bangladesh

Language: English