Pilot Baseline Study – Report, Market Presence of Off-Grid Lighting Products in the Kenyan Towns of Kericho, Brooke, and Talek

In June 2009, Lighting Africa team members undertook a market presence survey in the towns of Kericho, Brooke, and Talek. All three towns are located in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province. The purpose of the survey was to establish the availability, price, and other characteristics of off-grid electric lighting products (hereby known as “products”) in each town. In this document we present background information about the towns and the method we used to collect data. Next, we present analyses of the data that we collected, including quantitative survey results as well as a number of additional field observations. In the final sections, we include descriptions of the baseline market in each town.

Resource Type: Market Analysis & Trends

Country: Africa, Global

Language: English