Lighting Asia: Solar Off-Grid Lighting

Market Analysis of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Cambodia and Philippines

With nearly 800 million people living in Asia with intermittent or no access to the electrical grid, these people experience greater health risks due to unclean lighting alternatives and fewer income-generating opportunities. There is an urgent need to provide clean, sustainable and affordable lighting solutions to reduce such risks and a significant opportunity for business to provide such solutions. This ‘IFC Lighting Asia Solar Off Grid Lighting Report’ provides a valuable insight into the sector potential, regulatory and business environment across seven major Asian off-grid lighting markets. It explains critical success factors for the Asian off-grid lighting sector with details of business models, price points and market scoping information. It presents a valuable resource to active players, market practitioners and investors with a vested interest in this particular market. Since access to quality lighting has a significant positive impact on productivity, education and quality of life, this report will assist in developing the necessary activities to address these challenges.


Resource Type: Market Analysis & Trends

Language: English