Preventing Electronic Corrosion in Solar Lights

Lighting Global has published the 14th issue of the Technical Briefing Notes titled “Protection from the Elements Part III: Corrosion of Electronics“. This is the third article in a four-part series examining the environmental durability of pico-powered lighting products. The article describes the chemical processes and environmental mechanisms of electronic corrosion in a solar lighting … Read More

Help Define the Future of Lighting Africa

For the past five years, the Lighting Africa program has been working to develop markets for affordable off-grid lighting in Africa. We are now looking to expand the program to another four countries. As a member of the off-grid lighting community, we value your feedback that will inform the design and shape of the next … Read More

Two new portable solar lights meet quality standards

Two new solar lighting products have passed the rigorous Lighting Global quality tests and meet the recommended performance targets. The new entrants will increase the market share of high performing quality-verified lighting products retailing in Africa. The just released Lighting Africa Market Trends Report 2012 shows that more and more manufacturers are now bringing to market … Read More

Environmental durability of pico-powered lighting products

Lighting Global has published the first two of a four-part series examining the environmental durability of pico-powered lighting products. The new Briefing Notes address “Protection from the Elements, with Part I examining “Ingress Protection” while Part 2 examines “Drip Loops and Design”. Part 1 of this series on Ingress Protection (IP) describes industry standard test … Read More

Off-grid lighting market in Africa maturing even faster than expected

Africa is set to become the world’s largest market for clean off-grid lamps, with up to 140 million people having access to better lighting by 2015. This is one of the main findings of the new market research report that Lighting Africa released today. The market for quality off-grid lighting products in Africa has seen … Read More

Revising Standards in line with Technology Developments, Consumer Expectations

The on-going consultation on the revision of the quality standards and performance targets for off-grid lighting products has been extended to 23 August. The consultation seeks to re-assess, update and strengthen the quality standards and performance targets of off-grid lights in order to keep up with, and anticipate market trends, and to incorporate new research … Read More

d.light new product range passes Lighting Global Quality tests

d.light design next-generation product line of portable solar lanterns comprised of the d.light S2, the d.light S20 and the d.light S300 just passed the Lighting Global minimum quality standards and met its recommended performance targets. For the same retail price as their predecessors, the new products feature an enhanced product lifetime and are maintenance-free. They … Read More

A New Solar Lantern Passes Lighting Global’s Quality Tests

A new solar lantern has just passed Lighting Global Quality Standards and met its recommended performance targets. Pharos’ Great White Light, distributed by Solar Green Africa, is both an ambient and task light, with mobile charging capacity. It can be hung from the ceiling, affixed to a beam or a fence or carried around the … Read More

Solar Energy Foundation wins National Energy Globe Award – Again!

The Stiftung Solarenergie – Solar Energy Foundation just won a National Energy Globe Award for its outstanding work in Ethiopia. The award will be officially granted on 5 June 2013, UN World Environment Day. This is the second time that the Stiftung wins the prestigious award. Around 1 million people benefit from the Solar Energy Foundation … Read More

New Eco Design Note on “Restriction of Hazardous Substances

Lighting Global has just released Issue 3 in the Eco Design Notes series: “Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Pico-powered Lighting Products“. The article focuses on health issues related to chemicals that may be used in some pico-powered lighting products. It explains how the RoHS system works and how it could be applied to these … Read More