Quality Standards Updates

The Lighting Global Quality Assurance team has made some minor, clarifying updates to the Quality Standards.  The revised version of the Standards is available here and the updates are described below.
  1. 1. Updated the ingress protection (IP) requirements for PV modules to match the guidelines released in March.  All separate PV modules must meet IP4X and a modified IPX4 as defined in the test methods document.  These requirements will become effective June 1st.
  2. 2. Removed the requirement that Fixed Indoor products must pass a drop test.  While we still encourage manufacturers to design durable products in this category, we do not require that products which are installed indoors meet the same requirement as portable products.
  3. 3. Added a footnote to clarify a policy already followed by the Lighting Global test labs: “If a product fails on any aspects at any point during testing, even if not during the specific test used to evaluate that aspect, the product will still fail on the basis of that aspect.  For example, if a switch stops functioning on a product while its luminous flux is being measured, this failure would be included in the count of failures for the switch test.”
  4. 4. Updated the expected dates relating to the performance reporting requirements process.  The Standards now state that this requirement will become effective by “October 2014 or by program announcement”.  We have conducted some preliminary research into the question of performance reporting requirements and held a brief discussion about the subject at the GOGLA meeting in April.  We plan to engage more deeply in this subject over the next few months and release guidelines soon after.