MARKET INSIGHTS | H2 2019 Report Confirms Growing Demand for Off-Grid Solar

Every six months, GOGLA and Lighting Global publish the Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report, a market intelligence series on sales and impact of off-grid solar lighting products, sold by GOGLA and Lighting Global affiliates. Since H2 2018, the report also includes sales numbers of off-grid appliances, in partnership with the Efficiency for Access Coalition.

July – December 2019 Highlights

  • The trends and sales figures included in this report refer to the period July-December 2019, and were recorded prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. This report highlights how the off-grid solar industry is currently providing energy to over 100 million people around the world, with sales of 4.4 million off-grid solar lighting products and 460,000 appliances in the last six months of 2019 alone. It is a timely reminder that our affiliates are playing a critical role in providing homes and businesses with essential energy services. These services will be even more vital as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 2019 was a record-breaking year for our sector. 8.5 million off-grid solar lighting products and 1.2 million appliances were sold throughout the year.
  • Pay-as-you-go sales increased again to 1.19m from July to December 2019 (up 19% from the previous six months). In terms of volumes, the lighting market, continues to be largely driven by cash sales.
  • The most popular appliance sold by affiliates are TVs.
  • For the first time, we are able to offer regional insights on the impact of off-grid solar lighting products. From the 106 million people globally that are currently benefiting from improved energy access thanks to off-grid solar, more than a third lives in East Africa (37%).
  • Explore the new regional data using our interactive dashboard below.

市场洞察 | 2019下半年报告证实离网太阳能需求增长
每六个月,GOGLA点亮全球会联合发布《全球离网太阳能市场报告》,这是一份关于离网太阳能照明产品销售和影响力的市场情报系列报告,对应 GOGLA 和点亮全球全球会员企业的销售情况。2018年下半年与 “高效能源接入联盟(Efficiency for Access Coalition)”合作以来,该报告也纳入了离网电器的销售数据
2019年7月 – 12月市场亮点

  • 本报告中包含的市场趋势和销售数据对应 2019年7月 – 12月期间概况,是对新型冠状病毒疫情爆发之前的市场记录。本报告强调了离网太阳能行业目前如何为全球超过1亿人口提供能源接入,仅在2019年下半年,市场就销售了440万离网太阳能照明产品和46万台离网电器。这些数据在实时提醒我们,我们的会员企业在为家用和商用提供基本能源服务方面发挥着至关重要的作用。随着我们对新冠肺炎大流行应对之际,这些服务将会变得更加重要。
  • 2019年是我们行业创纪录的一年。全年共售出850万个离网太阳能照明产品和120万台离网电器。
  • 即用即付(PAYGo)销售额从2019年7月至12月之间再次增长119万美元(相比前半年增长19%)。就销量而言,现金销售仍照明市场的主要驱动力
  • 会员企业销售中最受欢迎的离网电器电视
  • 本份报告中,我们首次能够展示离网太阳能照明产品影响力的区域洞察。目前,全球1.06亿受益于离网太阳能改善其能源接入的人口中,超过三分之一的人生活在东非(37%)。
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