IFC’s Lighting Afghanistan Program Launches Successfully in Kabul

Omnivoltaic Energy Solutions, a Lighting Global Associate, is a manufacturer of quality verified solar lanterns and solar home systems. The company signed an agreement with Lighting Afghanistan for support in entering the Afghan market for distribution and financing of their products. In partnership with distributor ETC of Kabul, Omnivoltaic has successfully started distributing and financing products through two of Afghanistan’s leading Micro Finance Institutions, FINCA and First Micro Finance Bank. The relationship was facilitated by the Lighting Afghanistan team, that also provided training and capacity building to all stakeholders involved in the market. In early February, the program launched its first consumer awareness campaign in Kabul and the surrounding areas. Lighting Afghanistan in now expanding its footprint in the country, launching a number of additional initiatives to create a sustainable market for quality lighting products.
For more information, contact Marco Indelicato, Program Manager for Lighting Pakistan and Afghanistan, at mindelicato@ifc.org.