The Lighting Global program and its regional affiliate programs – Lighting Africa and Lighting Asia – all work to build markets capable of bringing high quality, affordable modern off-grid lighting products to off-grid consumers. Supporting client companies to expand markets for their quality-verified products is a cornerstone of this work.

Client companies become our Program Associates after one or more of their products meet the Lighting Global Quality Standards and the company passes our due diligence screening.

There are two categories of Associates: developers/manufacturers of products that have met the Lighting Global Quality Standards, and distributors of these products. Associates receive global and country-based Associate Services including privileged access to market intelligence reports, business to business linkages, facilitation of access to finance, participation in consumer education campaigns and general business development support.

Visit our product testing pathway to learn more about submitting products for quality verification, and how to become a Program Associate.


Solar Sister




AEG International, is a North Carolina USA company with expertise as a global provider of renewable energy engineering services and products, ideally suited for developing nations. For AEG, being successful is more than a large bottom line and big profit margin. AEG was created to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems for those most in need. We engineer, design and build only the highest quality products to meet the needs of our customers in developing nations. Solar solutions include solar lantern kits, Firefly, our pico solar home power station, solar streetlights, and multi-MW solar farms.

All Solar World manufacturers world-class solar lighting solutions primarily for consumers in the developing world. Our complete home-use lighting kit containing contains advanced technology including high efficiency, patented LED bulbs, a USB socket offering the ability to easily charge multiple mobile phones each day and an advanced battery pack containing a sophisticated printed circuit board to carefully control charging and discharging. We also manufacture over forty accessories that compliment our home-use kit. All our products are affordable yet manufactured to the highest possible standards and as a result carry a full two-year guarantee.

All weather solar is a ten-year-old global top ranked developer and manufacturer of solar powered products in China. We have delivered high quality and affordable solar lanterns, solar lighting system to people without access to reliable energy in Africa in the past years and have enjoyed good reputation. Our products greatly meet their lighting and charging purpose while they don’t need to pay the bill. Let more people enjoy a better life by providing them with our products. Global potential partners are welcome to join us to share a sustainable off-grid lighting business growth.

Azuri Technologies is a commercial provider of PayGo solar systems to rural off-grid communities. With a wide reach in sub-Saharan Africa, Azuri is leveraging mobile technology to turn a development challenge into a business opportunity. Azuri’s solar home systems allow users to access power on a pay-as-you-go basis, providing clean, safe renewable energy affordability little as half the cost of the kerosene they replace. Azuri’s headquarters are in Cambridge, United Kingdom, and has staff in Uganda, Ghana and Ethiopia.

Barefoot Power is a business that assists people in developing countries to access affordable renewable energy. We design, manufacture and distribute micro-solar lighting and phone charging products for communities without access to grid electricity in developing countries. Our mission is to help low income families break their dependence on inefficient, expensive and harmful light sources by giving them cleaner and cheaper options. Designed in Australia, Barefoot Power products are available in 22 countries worldwide.

Brighterlite bring solar power and the modern world services to the 1.5 billion underserved people in the world. Our Solar Home Systems are offered with an affordable Pay-As-You-Go payment plan. The SHS is equipped with leading battery technology for efficient charging and durability. The systems are durable and will bring light to the rural households for many years to come, providing mobile charging in addition. Other convenient appliances such as our specially designed tv’s, fans, radios and more can easily be connected. The healthy, clean and renewable energy Brighterlite offer substitutes the polluting, hazardous and expensive kerosene which will benefit both customers and the environment.

d.light Design is a global energy company delivering affordable solar-powered solutions to people without access to reliable energy. d.light provides distributed solar energy solutions for households and small businesses, transforming the way people use and pay for energy. Through 10 field offices and four hubs - Africa, China, South Asia and the US, d.light is dedicated to providing the most reliable, affordable and accessible solar lighting and power systems for the developing world with the goal of reaching 100 million people by 2020.

fosera designs products which ensure regular and clean power generation for people without access to grid electricity. fosera was founded in 2011 and has its head office near Ulm at Illerkirchberg, Germany, and subsidiaries all over the world. fosera manufactures high quality solar home systems for light generation, phone charging, powering of radios and TVs, which are typically used in rural areas to give independent access to modern energy. Special features of its products include the modular system design, which allows the system to grow with the needs of the user.

Freeplay Energy has a long and proud history of developing products for people living off-grid. Back in 1994 it all started with the invention of the world’s first wind-up radio that was used to provide health information to communities in Africa. Today the company specialises in the design, development and manufacture of clean energy products for people living off-grid. We use our core expertise in solar, dynamo, and energy storage technology to create products that are affordable, reliable and life enhancing.

FuturaSun is a company that designs and produces PV panels, and offers solutions for all types of PV systems: from small off-grid systems to large power generation systems. We strongly believe in the quality of our products and we care about our customers. All our expertise comes from the region of Veneto, the heart of the Italian photovoltaic industry. Here our designers develop and produce all our products. FuturaSun solar lighting products are distinguished by their quality and lifespan.

Greenlight Planet was founded by T. Patrick Walsh, Anish Thakkar and Mayank Sekhsaria with a vision to become a global leader in delivering clean, safe, affordable energy to the world’s 2 billion under-served energy consumers. With 11 offices in 5 countries, Greenlight Planet has over 600 full-time employees, engages more than 6000 sales agents, and has experienced 100% growth for each of the past three years. The company serves over 15 million users across 30 countries predominantly in Asia and Africa, with growing presence across Latin America. The company’s goal is to reach 100 million off-grid households by 2020.

LAGAZEL is the first company to industrialize the production of solar lamps in Africa, in order to bring affordable and high-quality solutions to 650 million African people who do not have access to grid. From € 20 to 30, LAGAZEL KALO solar lanterns are affordable and offer the best quality in the market: a metallic and unbreakable hull, up to 38 hours runtime, 2-years warranty, high-quality after-sale service. As far 2020, LAGAZEL expects 5 active manufacturing facilities and 1.3 million solar lamps sold in Africa.

Little Sun is a social business addressing the need for light in a sustainable way that benefits off-grid communities, creates local jobs, and generates local profits. Little Sun believes in sustainable solar light for all. Little Sun manufactures the Little Sun, a high quality, affordable, portable solar lamp developed for people without access to grid electricity. The lamp is sold worldwide, sales in on-grid areas making it possible to avail the lamps in off-grid areas at reduced, locally affordable prices.

Mibawa Suppliers Limited specializes in the provision of Off Grid Lighting kits in the rural areas in East African and in future the entire Sub-Saharan Africa. The company has deployed approximately 30000 units of high quality Solar Home Lighting Systems there-by reducing overreliance on kerosene. This has greatly reduced harmful emissions to the environment. Our products are competitively priced, approximately each client spending Kes 20 per day, hence within one year the client actually pays-off the lighting kit. On the contrary, most households spend Kes 40 on kerosene and phone charging which is very expensive. By embracing Mibawa Solarpack 3 kits, clients are able to save more to improve their lives.

Mobisol combines solar energy with an affordable payment plan via mobile phone, comprehensive customer service and innovative remote monitoring technology. The Berlin-based company offers quality solar home systems to low-income customers in developing nations as a clean alternative to unhealthy, environmentally harmful, and expensive fossil fuels. Systems come in sizes from 80 to 200 Wp to match differing energy needs. Mobisol solar home systems provide enough electricity to power bright LED lights, radios, mobile phones and a variety of household and consumer appliances. The larger systems can also power small businesses enabling entrepreneurial customers to create additional income.

Nadji.Bi Group is a Pan-African social enterprise that design, develop and manufacture Mobile and Self-Consumption Solar Solutions in Africa. Nadji.Bi Group is having a R&D Laboratory and a manufacturing facility in Senegal, and is present directly or indirectly in more than 20 African countries. Nadji.Bi Group aims to keep developing true innovative solar devices and solutions to answer current and future economic and social challenges of its continent. By developing partnership with local universities and engineering institutes Nadji.Bi is also training and preparing talents of Africans to become the Change Makers of today.

NIWA Solar is a German-Cantonese privately owned company based in Hong Kong with a presence in 30 countries. Our products are the result of 20 years’ experience in engineering, product design and mass production. They use state-of-art technology such as the energy efficient LEDs, and long-life environmentally friendly batteries, and are optimized for rural consumers to empower them out of energy poverty. NIWA not only offers the brightest solar lanterns (300 Lumens), but also launched the world's first 100% Modular Solar Systems.

Nuru Energy provides access to clean energy specifically to households earning <$1.50/day, which comprise 50% (600M people) of Sub-Saharan Africa Nuru’s ultra-portable, ultra-scalable, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) recharging platform, the Octopus Charger, uses both solar & human energy to recharge any USB device - mobile phones, tablets & LED lights including its own Nuru Lights that are charged 5 at a time in just 20 min, with each light providing a rural household with over a week of light. Village-level entrepreneurs (VLEs) sell Nuru Lights as low as $1 each & use the Octopus Charger to operate a recharging business, earning recurring recharging fees.

Off-Grid Solutions B.V. (WakaWaka) is a social enterprise that develops and produces solar lights and chargers for the 1,2 billion people around the world that live off-grid. The company is currently piloting a pay-as-you-go system in Rwanda. Next to developing sustainable business models for off-grid markets, WakaWaka markets her products as a Buy One, Give One. These Give Ones are being handed to people that find themselves in emergency situations. Together with NGOs on the ground, these WakaWakas are distributed to victims of the earthquake in Nepal, health workers in ebola affected areas, Syrian Refugees, and other people in need. See WakaWaka's impact at

Omnivoltaic is an off-grid electric product company focusing on households or small businesses. Founded by Dr. Huashan Wang, the company has evolved from making basic solar lanterns, to a range of off-grid home electric products such as TV, fan, phone charging and fridge. Omnivoltaic’s core product portfolio centers around reliable energy storage in the 12V and 48V platforms, and, through close relationship with manufacturers, a wide range of high efficiency DC appliances. Its latest development efforts include IoT enabled devices and smart batteries, to facilitate PayGo credit management and intelligent power delivery. Omnivoltaic’s vision is a distributed power generation architecture that give consumers anywhere in the world quick and affordable access to electric services. Omnivoltaic markets its products in more than 30 different countries.

Orb Energy (“Orb”) is a leading provider of solar energy solutions. Orb’s main activities are product design, manufacturing, sales, installation and servicing of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for reliable power, solar thermal systems for hot water, and solar street lighting. Launched in India in October 2006, Orb provides solar energy systems to both residential and commercial customers looking for a better energy source. Orb exports its systems and components know-how to other high potential emerging markets such as Kenya, where it established a subsidiary in 2014.

Renewit Solar is part of the PSH group, a leading design and manufacturing company head-quartered in Hong Kong with its own facilities in China and offices in London. We work with many leading brands and companies around the world. We have developed extensive ranges of solar products to bring benefits to the telecom, agriculture and retail sector and our products have been used extensively in the education and aid and relief sector. As well as our own product we do OEM projects and offer a full turnkey design, development manufacture and branding service. We work to the highest international recognised standards.

Shamba Technologies was founded in 2009 to create affordable products that improve energy access in rural households of Sub-Saharan Africa. The io™ solar power system was born from the company’s early work in small-scale biogas in Tanzania. Work on creating a modular solar power system began in early 2011, with many early field trials in Tanzania helping to properly inform the design process. Many iterations of the product were required to develop a prototype that met the needs of households whilst still keeping a minimal production cost, but it paid out in the end with the result!

SolarWorks! is a Dutch based company operational since 2008 with offices in The Netherlands, South Africa and Mozambique. SolarWorks! developed one of the markets most advanced solar product range. Its products were among the first to be certified by Lighting Global and more than 100,000 have been sold in over 10 African countries. SolarWorks! offers a full range of solutions starting with a solar lantern with phone charging capability – The Solar PowerBall, the Theft Proof Rooflight with motion sensor and our newest upgrade of the Solar Home System. SolarWorks! has its own PAYGO distribution company in Mozambique.

Solar Sister is the world’s leading social enterprise in eradicating energy poverty by empowering women with economic opportunity. Solar Sister has created a deliberately woman-centered direct sales network to bring the breakthrough potential of solar and clean cooking technologies to communities across Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda. Solar Sister’s last mile distribution model deliberately taps into the power of women to deliver clean energy access directly to the customer’s door, be it rural homes, health clinics, schools or small businesses. At the heart of Solar Sister is the belief that women must be a part of building a sustainable and equitable future for all. Their network of over 1,600 women entrepreneurs has brought the life transforming benefits of clean energy access to over 280,000 beneficiaries across rural Africa.

SunnyMoney is an award winning social enterprise and the largest distributor of affordable, portable and high quality solar lights in rural Africa. Owned by U.K. based international charity, SolarAid, we believe that the best way to tackle poverty and climate change is through a mix of charity and business. Through integrated programmes in schools and independent entrepreneurs we strive to reach the over 600 million using expensive, toxic and polluting sources of light like kerosene. We have operations in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and Zambia. Our goal is to eradicate the kerosene lamp from Africa by 2020.

Energy is a basic necessity and an essential driver of development, yet 1,3 billion people worldwide still lack access to electricity. To promote the emergence of new solutions in this area, Total introduced the Total Access to Energy program, which acts as a project incubator to develop innovative, economically viable solutions to improve access to energy for low-income communities in developing countries. Thanks to our service station network and through innovative partnerships, we distribute top quality solar powered lanterns under the brand Awango by Total. More than 1 million solar lanterns have been sold since 2011, and our ambition is to impact 25 million people in Africa by 2020.