Distribution of Quality Tested Products Ramps Up and Out

In August of 2010, only 30 retail outlets in Kenya were selling products that passed Lighting Africa’s quality test and 95% of the vendors were electrical shops. However, entrepreneurs were quick to realize that if they were to reach scale in distribution, they would need to engage many other kinds of distributors such as those that have achieved high levels of success in building volume in remote rural and other hard to reach markets that tend to operate in less conventional ways.
The net effect of these activities, and supported by Lighting Africa’s consumer education campaigns, roadshows and forums, has been a substantial increase in both distribution and geographical reach. There are now approximately 250 retail outlets in Kenya carrying off-grid lighting including supermarkets, rural consumer goods shops, and groceries.  New and unconventional vendors for these products are springing up all over rural Kenya with surprising momentum.

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