The IFC/World Bank-supported Lighting Global Quality Test Methodology has become the world standard for clean off-grid lighting products, following its incorporation into an International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) technical specification in 2013. The Lighting Global team regularly updates the Quality Standards and Lighting Global policies to ensure that they remain responsive to the changing market and proposes comments to the IEC to help improve and maintain the test methods (IEC/ TS 62257-9-5). During these update processes, we aggregate feedback from a broad range of stakeholders, including manufacturers, distributors, micro-finance institutions, NGOs, governments, product testing laboratories, standards bureaus, and consumers.

To participate in these processes, check this webpage, sign up for email updates, or email The success of the Lighting Global program is reliant on active stakeholder participation and we appreciate your feedback.  We appreciate all who have participated in stakeholder processes in the past. Click here to review outcomes from previous stakeholder outreach. 


The Lighting Global Quality Assurance team is seeking feedback on a revised design of the Standardized Specification Sheets (Spec Sheets) for Lighting Global quality-verified products. With the transition to using the new version of the test methods (IEC/TS 62257-9-5:2018, ed. 4), the Spec Sheets can now report additional information about product performance and capabilities.

Before implementing the new Spec Sheets, we want to gather feedback from all of our stakeholders who use the Spec Sheets (manufacturers, distributors, program implementers, development agencies, end users…) to ensure the new design will continue to meet your needs.

Please review the draft Spec Sheet designs and then send your feedback to by November 1, 2018.