Launched in June 2016, the IFC-led Lighting Myanmar project is a key component of the Government of Myanmar’s National Electrification Plan, which aims to achieve universal access to sustainable electricity services by 2030. To support this goal, the project will assist international and Myanmar-based companies in creating a sustainable market for high-quality off-grid energy solutions, including solar lanterns, solar home systems, and potentially mini-grids.  The focus of this work will be in central Myanmar, with a target of supporting the sale of 800,000 quality-verified products by June 2022.
In its initial phases, Lighting Myanmar will work with manufacturers, distributors, financial institutions, development partners, and the government in the following areas:

Market Intelligence 

The project will conduct in-depth research on the off-grid market, using a variety of quantitative and qualitative approaches, to inform the market strategies of high-quality lighting companies. This will include production of a detailed off-grid market intelligence report, as well as targeted market briefs on specific topics like mobile money and DC appliances.

Business Development 

A key early focus of the project will be identifying potential local partners from a range of subsectors (e.g. distributors, retailers, and financial institutions) and helping Lighting Global Associates establish productive partnerships in the market. The Lighting Myanmar team will conduct extensive local outreach, and will host several networking events for Associates and potential partners.

Regulatory and Policy Dialogue

To encourage policies that are supportive of private involvement in the market, Lighting Myanmar will engage in a dialogue with a range of government actors, as well as international donor partners, on a number of issues, including subsidies, tariffs, and quality standards.  

Consumer Education

One of the core pillars of the project is implementation of widespread consumer education campaigns to stimulate demand for quality certified off-grid lighting products. This will includes multiple delivery channels, drawing the experience from other Lighting programs, and will be refined in collaboration with local marketing experts. The  consumer education campaign was launched in October of 2018
As the project develops, it will expand the services offered in these and other areas, including Quality Assurance and Access to Finance.