Introducing the PAYGo PERFORM Key Performance Indicators

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A decade after the lights went on for the first PAYGo customers, the sector finds itself at a crossroads. Explosive growth and an incredible influx of capital have transformed what was once a handful of start-ups into a crowded and rapidly maturing global industry. As PAYGo continues its transition from start-up to maturity, Lighting Global has joined forces with CGAP, GOGLA and the off-grid solar industry to develop a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that promote transparency and help companies to benchmark and improve their performance. The PAYGo Performance, Reporting and Measurement (PERFORM) KPIs also allow the industry to present a more accessible profile to investors.

On Thursday, June 29, we hosted a webinar to discuss the PAYGo PERFORM KPIs from PERFORM partners and industry leaders. The webinar introduced participants to the KPIs, explored their importance to the long-term viability of the PAYGo industry, and offered insights into how they can be used in day-to-day reporting and decision-making. The webinar explores:

  • Companies and investors who are leading the charge to promote KPI adoption
  • Better understand the work that went into KPI development
  • How the KPIs are already being used to benchmark and monitor company performance
  • What these KPIs mean for the future of the PAYGo industry

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