VIDEO | PAYGo Path To Profitability Training (Webinar Recording)

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges for the PAYGo sector’s productivity and profitability.  At Lighting Global, we are working on several initiatives to help you minimize these impacts and position your company for life post COVID. Path to Profitability is a training toolkit that enables senior management at  PAYGO companies to analyze the unit economics underlying their business models and determine whether they are on a credible path toward profitability. Originally designed as an intensive in-person exercise, this year, IFC has developed an online module,  “The P2P Capsule,”  which provides a virtual introduction and immediate insight for examining profitability drivers as a precursor to the full P2P Toolkit.
The webinar (held on May 6th, 2021) walks you through the module and answers questions from webinar participants.

To receive your own copy of the the online module, please email Kevin Kennedy at The module is downloadable to protect your data and typically takes between two to three hours to complete, which can be spread over multiple sessions.  Any data you generate during the module will only be stored on your computer’s hard drive and will not be accessible to us.