Webinar 29 March | Designing Public Funding Mechanisms in the Off-Grid Solar Sector, New Report

Please join us for the launch of Lighting Global’s latest publication, Designing Public Funding Mechanisms in the Off-Grid Solar Sector on 29th March 2022 – 9-10.30am EST / 3-4.30pm CET / 5-6.30pm EAT (link at bottom of email).

This report provides guidance to governments and development partners regarding how public funding can be used to provide energy access to households through off-grid solar solutions, such as solar lights, solar home systems, and related appliances. The report explores how public funding mechanisms can be deployed – on the supply side, the demand side, or both. Funding mechanisms are defined as supply side when funding goes to companies or investors to reduce the cost or risk of supplying products to end users and are defined as demand side when they are designed to make off-grid solar more affordable to end users. The funding mechanisms considered in the report include upfront grants, results-based financing, tax exemptions, credit lines, risk mitigation instruments, demand-side subsidies, and public procurement.


We will discuss the findings from this report and considerations when designing public funding mechanisms in the off-grid solar together with our panelists:

  • Victoria Sabula, CEO, AECF
  • Chiara Odetta Rogate, Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank
  • Christian Schattenmann, Fund Manager, Bamboo Finance
  • Emma Colenbrander, Global Distributors Collective

To join the webinar, please click here on 29th March 2022 at 9-10.30am EST / 3-4.30pm CET / 5-6.30pm EAT

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