Using the I-V Curve to Measure Solar Module Performance

Lighting Global has released a new Technical Briefing Note, the 11th in the series, titled “Understanding Solar Modules Specs and Testing.”

This Note discusses in detail how solar module performance characteristics relate to off-grid lighting systems and how to best assess their performance by using the Current-Voltage (I‑V) curve.

It presents best practices for using I-V curves to size solar PV modules, understand how solar powered products work, and make low-cost measurements of solar modules.

“To maximize performance and provide good value to consumers, solar photovoltaic (PV) modules must perform as advertised and be properly matched to the electronic circuit or batteries they are powering,” say the authors of this Technical Briefing Note.

It draws from several decades of combined experience of testing solar modules by members of the Lighting Global Quality Assurance team, and is designed to be a supplement to the test procedures presented in the Lighting Global Quality Test Method.

The Note will be particularly useful for manufacturers and buyers who need to check the performance of components at a low cost.