Two New GSMA Reports Released

GSMA’s Green Power for Mobile (GPM) program published its bi-annual report, with the support of the International Financial Corporation (IFC), and in partnership with the Government of the Netherlands. The fifth edition summarizes the developments within the program and the sector. It focuses on key trends for success within Green Power for Mobile; innovation from the Indian subcontinent and Community Power from Mobile (CPM). CPM and IFC also recently issued a white Paper: “Harnessing The Full Potential of Mobile for Off-Grid Energy (December 2011),” and have co-authored other reports in the past, such as “Using Mobile to Extend the Grid (January 2010).”

The GSMA Development Fund launched the Green Power for Mobile Program in September 2008 to “extend mobile beyond the grid” through the promotion of renewable energy technologies and energy efficient base stations. More recently, the Development Fund launched Community Power from Mobile (CPM) which supports mobile network operators (MNOs) and tower-sharing companies in developing countries to provide access to energy services to local, off-grid communities. Both programs are supported by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), an institution of the World Bank Group.