Solar Energy Foundation wins National Energy Globe Award – Again!

The Stiftung Solarenergie – Solar Energy Foundation just won a National Energy Globe Award for its outstanding work in Ethiopia. The award will be officially granted on 5 June 2013, UN World Environment Day. This is the second time that the Stiftung wins the prestigious award.
Around 1 million people benefit from the Solar Energy Foundation work in Ethiopia, where it has been active since 2003. The Foundation has installed 22,000 solar systems and solar lamps in Ethiopian households, schools and communities, and equipped 35 health centers with solar refrigerators for cooling medicines.
Around 1,000 projects from 150 countries apply annually for the Energy Globe Award.
The National Energy Globe Awards are awarded by the Energy Globe Foundation annually at the national, regional and global levels, to recognize projects that ‘make careful and economical use of resources and employ alternative energy sources.’ The jury is headed by Maneka Gandhi (Member of Parliament), former Indian Minister for Environment.
For more information about the Solar Energy Foundation’s visit its website or watch this short movie.