Seeking Stakeholder Feedback on Draft Performance Reporting Requirements

Lighting Global is seeking feedback on a new policy that presents requirements and guidelines for reporting performance metrics on product packaging. The policy is intended to ensure that all those making purchasing decisions in the market have access to the necessary information to make well-informed decisions. The performance reporting requirements will be included as part of the Quality Standards for pico-products (products smaller than approximately 10 W), which means that any pico-product supported by the program will need to adhere to the reporting policy. (A similar policy may be created for use with the solar home system kit framework, though the policy may differ in some aspects and will be developed and announced at a later date.)
Stakeholder discussions at the quality assurance symposium hosted by the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) in April played a key role in shaping this draft policy. We are now opening the discussion to all interested off-grid lighting stakeholders.
We will be accepting official comments on the policy until Friday, January 9, 2015. Please visit the Lighting Global stakeholder page to read the draft policy document and provide comments through the online form.