A Video Introduction to Service-Based Solar Electrification

23 March 2023 | , 

Our team is working together with internal and external partners across multiple sectors to help design off-grid energy access projects with a focus on health and education services as the ...Read More

Webinar | Key Lessons from Designing Public Funding Mechanisms in the Off-Grid Solar Sector

24 May 2022 |

A webinar to discuss the findings of Lighting Global’s new report, Designing Public Funding Mechanisms in the Off-Gris Solar Sector was held on March 29, 2022. The report provides guidance ...Read More

Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements

02 June 2019 |

This set of animated flash videos provides adaptable materials that can be translated into different local languages. They provide an overview of solar lighting products, their benefits, how solar lighting products should ...Read More

Video: Transforming Energy Access Through the Lighting Africa/Ethiopia Program

10 May 2018 |

This video outlines the work done by the joint IFC-World Bank Lighting Africa/Ethiopia program in 4 regions across Ethiopia. It introduces each of our core pillars of work; (i) market intelligence, (ii) ...Read More

Video: Lighting Africa in Ethiopia: Dessa’s story

24 May 2015 |

This video highlights the example of one of Ethiopia’s 12 million households that live without grid electricity in Ethiopia. By switching from kerosene to solar energy, the parents benefit from ...Read More

Video: Lighting Africa in Nigeria

15 March 2015 |

This video highlights the need for off-grid energy globally, and in particular Nigeria, where 80 million people do not have access to the grid. It gives an overview of other ...Read More

Video: Benefits of Solar Lighting

19 October 2008 | ,

Reliability and safety are two of the advantages of portable solar products over kerosene and candles, as highlighted in this consumer education video. If you are interested in using our ...Read More

Video: Use and maintenance of solar lights

19 October 2008 |

This instructional guide for consumers gives advice on charging and making best use of portable solar lights, as well as information on warranty periods.

Video: Overview of Solar Lighting

19 October 2008 |

Placement of solar panels and good maintenance is essential to ensure a full battery charge. This video gives simple pointers. If you are interested in using our materials as part ...Read More

Video: Introduction to solar products

19 October 2008 |

This short video highlights some of the benefits of solar energy. It also explains the component parts and how solar products harness energy from the sun. If you are interested ...Read More