Quality Assurance Resources for New Manufacturers

The Lighting Global Quality Standards and quality verification process form the internationally-recognized baseline for product quality and integrity that all market actors can trust. The Quality Standards define minimum requirements for quality, durability, and truth in advertising to protect consumers. The Lighting Global quality verification process confirms whether a product meets the standards.
This resource page is dedicated to convey a series of comprehensive answers to important questions that manufacturers may have during their quality verification process:

  • What are the benefits of getting a product Lighting Global Quality verified? 
  • What business development services Lighting Global offers to quality verified manufacturers?
  • How to get your products quality verified? 
  • What are the costs of quality verification?

Please refer to below PDF documents for detailed informations.

  • 产品通过点亮全球质量认证的好处是什么?
  • 点亮全球项目向成功通过质量认证的制造商提供哪些业务开发服务?
  • 如何提交产品质量认证?
  • 质量认证的成本是多少?


Resource Type: Quality Assurance

Country: Global

Language: Chinese, English