Madagascar Off-Grid Market Assessment Report

Access to electricity in Madagascar is among the lowest in Africa. Grid extension is not economically viable due to the need for high capital expenditures coupled with the fact that lower-income households will consume only small amounts of power.

Through its New Energy Policy (NPE) elaborated in 2015, the Government of Madagascar has set an ambitious goal of increasing the electricity access rate to 70% by 2030, with 85% of the energy mix to be supplied by renewable energy. The NPE specifically recognizes the role that off-grid solar solutions (both lanterns and home systems) can play in increasing access to affordable electricity services.

This report looks at the status and potential size of the stand-alone solar market in Madagascar, focusing on the demand and needs from households, institutions and SMEs. The study also assesses the barriers to further market penetration of standalone solar and identifies key intervention areas to overcome them.

Resource Type: Market Analysis & Trends

Country: Madagascar

Language: English