Lighting Global Quality Assurance Update 2012

Final Action Decisions: March 2012

Lighting Africa’s Quality Assurance (QA) framework for off-grid lighting products is going global in 2012—
Lighting Global will be the new home for the framework. The need for affordable, good quality lighting off the grid extends beyond Africa and there is an opportunity to work towards a globally harmonized QA framework that rigorously protects consumers with a simple, stable framework. Over the last three months we have completed a stakeholder feedback process to help inform the next version of the QA framework as we transition to Lighting Global. We received very good input from stakeholders across the global supply chain for off-grid lighting. Those recommendations and comments on the program are helping to guide a process of institutionalizing aspects of the QA framework with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC); the process is likely to be completed this year. This document is a summary of the changes that were suggested and includes notes on whether each change will be implemented.

Resource Type: Quality Assurance

Country: Africa, Global

Language: English