Lighting Asia Pakistan Program Profile

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For the last decade, Pakistan has been in the grip of a severe energy crisis. More than 144 million people across the country do not have reliable access to the grid, either because they are not connected or because they experience daily blackouts which often last over 12 hours per day. The power shortfall has severely hampered economic development and job creation across the country and it has only become more severe over the last five years. As a result, Pakistanis use a mix of technologies to light their homes and businesses. They spend an estimated $2.3 billion a year on everything from candles, to kerosene lamps, to battery-powered torches. This study explores the potential of another option: solar-powered lighting. Through a combination of market research and household surveys, it found that there is potentially a robust market for solar lighting solutions, which run the gamut from simple solar-powered desk lamps to large systems that can power multiple appliances. These systems are safer, more reliable, and, over the long run, cheaper than many of the technologies in widespread use today.

Resource Type: Case Studies & Project Information, Market Analysis & Trends

Country: Pakistan

Language: English