Intellectual Property Policy for Product Testing

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) operates a portfolio of programs to support the development of off grid lighting markets, including Lighting Africa (jointly implemented with the World Bank) and Lighting Asia. In undertaking these market development programs, IFC conducts quality assurance activities that include designating products as Lighting Global quality assured, thus qualifying these products for support under the various IFC administered off-grid lighting programs.
IFC recognizes the importance of intellectual property protection for a thriving and dynamic international market for off-grid lighting products. In operating the Lighting Global portfolio of programs, IFC expects all companies with which it engages to maintain the highest standards in recognizing the intellectual property rights of others. Accordingly, companies that submit products for testing through IFC’s Lighting Global quality assurance program must therefore pledge that they have not and will not violate the intellectual property rights of any person or firm.

Resource Type: Quality Assurance

Country: Global

Language: English