Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (US Dept of Energy)

Optical Safety of LEDs

The safety of LED lighting with regard to human health has occasionally been the subject of scrutiny. One such concern is photoretinitis—photochemical damage to the retina—which can result from too much exposure to violet and blue light. This is known as blue light hazard. The risk of blue light hazard is sometimes associated with LEDs, even though LEDs that emit white light do not contain significantly more blue than any other source at the same color temperature. According to current international standards, no light source that emits white light and is used in general lighting applications is considered hazardous to the retina for healthy adults. That said, the optical safety of specialty lamps or colored sources must be considered on a case-by-case basis, and light sources used around susceptible populations, such as infants or adults with certain types of eye disease, require additional evaluation.

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