Burundi Market Assessment for Off Grid Solar and Improved Cooking Technologies for Households

Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern electricity and cooking technologies remains limited in Burundi. Only around 10% of Burundians have access to electricity, and in rural areas energy use is dominated by wood-fuels and traditional stone hearths for cooking.

Our new report assesses the market opportunity for off-grid solar and improved cookstoves for households. It finds that there is a budding ecosystem of small providers – if critical barriers to commercial market development can be overcome. In particular the issues of low consumer affordability, limited access to hard currency for imports, and the capacity of small providers to scale up quickly will need to be addressed.

The need – and the opportunity – in Burundi is large, with over 2 million households and over 10 million people as a potential customer basis. There is a growing awareness among customers and suppliers of the benefits of improved energy access. But unlocking these benefits will need a blend of financial and non-financial support to catalyze sustainable market growth.

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Country: Burundi

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