Preventing Electronic Corrosion in Solar Lights

Lighting Global has published the 14th issue of the Technical Briefing Notes titled “Protection from the Elements Part III: Corrosion of Electronics“. This is the third article in a four-part series examining the environmental durability of pico-powered lighting products.

The article describes the chemical processes and environmental mechanisms of electronic corrosion in a solar lighting system, and provides steps manufacturers can take to increase the corrosion resistance of their products.

It notes that most pico‐powered lighting products are exposed to intense sunlight and heat on a daily basis. They are also continually moved around because of their portability rendering them vulnerable to drops and spills.

Furthermore, they get dirty from ground contact and rough handling, and many will be exposed to water in the form of rainfall, moisture in the air, and groundwater contact making their components vulnerable to corrosion.

“The electronic nature of pico‐powered lighting products coupled with their typical service environment creates an atmosphere that can be very conducive to corrosion. The batteries, electronic circuit boards, LED lights, and multiple external connectors (for wires between product components) are all potentially vulnerable,” says the Note.

It concludes that proper system design, manufacturing controls, and product testing are key to prevention of corrosion of electronic components.

Other Briefing Notes in the “Protection from the Elements” series examine water ingress, drip loops, and heat/radiation exposure.

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