Off-Grid Lighting Sector in Africa Shows Positive Growth


450% growth in sales in 2011 over 2010…

  • Consumers are better equipped to make buying decisions in today’s market.
  • Lighting Africa’s consumer education campaign, which works to generate consumer awareness around the benefits of clean and affordable off-grid lighting, has now reached 11 million people in rural Kenya and 675,000 people in Ghana.
  • The campaign has supported the 450% growth in the sales of off-grid lighting products across the continent in FY 11.

Over 1.5m people in Africa with access to better lighting…

  • Since 2010, close to 1.5 million people in Africa have cleaner, safer, better lighting and improved energy access.

The variety and choice of affordable and good quality products to off-grid consumers in Africa has increased…

  • 6 new products passed Lighting Africa quality tests recently, bringing the number of good quality and affordable lanterns available in the market to 14.
  • To address the upfront costs bottleneck for consumers, Lighting Africa has reached out to MFIs to provide consumer finance.   3 Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in Kenya and 2 in Ghana are actively providing finance to consumers in rural areas.