Job Opportunities | Lighting Global / ESMAP seeking to hire two new consultants

Lighting Global and ESMAP are seeking to hire two new consultants (STCs) to further our work in expanding access to off-grid solar energy. Do either of these sound like a good fit for you? We are looking forward to your application!

  • Financial Innovation for Energy Access STC: ESMAP seeks to recruit a senior finance expert with experience in prompting electricity access, in particular off-grid solar standalone solutions to support the ongoing work of the Innovative Finance and Lighting Global programs in the scaling up of the programs, mainly through integrating the programs outputs and results into World Bank-financed projects. The senior off-grid finance expert will support with global tasks and help to inform World Bank lending operations with an off-grid solar standalone component. More information: Lighting Global_ToR off-grid expert – FY23 – access to finance
  • STC: Partnership Coordination – Nascent Markets: The objective of the assignment is to create a new partnership with several stakeholders that have complementing skills and are willing to work together in accelerating the development of nascent and emerging markets. The consultant will help to conceptualize the new partnership, including ESMAP’s secretariat function, and support the coordination of its implementation. More information: Lighting Global_ToR off-grid expert – FY23 – REACH