New Report on Evolution of Off-Grid Lighting in Three Kenyan Towns

Lighting Global has just published a new market analysis report – The Rise of Solar Market: Evolution of Off-Grid Lighting in Three Kenyan Towns.
This study provides evidence that can be used to evaluate the efficacy of programs like Lighting Africa and Lighting Global that seek to combat market spoilage and improve consumer access to affordable and sustainable off-grid lighting products. For the past six years researchers affiliated with Lighting Africa have been visiting the towns of Kericho, Brooke, and Talek in Kenya to observe trends in the off-grid lighting market. Starting in 2009, the initial market survey provided a baseline for the types of off-grid lighting products that were available in an urban, a peri-urban, and an off-grid market. The team returned in 2012 and 2014 to survey all three towns again and observe shifts in lighting technologies and power sources, product sales and revenues, and retailer demographics. This longitudinal dataset has provided key insights into an African off-grid lighting market undergoing rapid transitions: from incandescent to LED lighting, from dry-cell batteries and grid-charging to solar power, and from cheap, plastic torches to quality-verified lighting systems with warranties. In the short span of six years, these three markets have undergone dramatic changes, with potential lessons to be learned for other maturing markets and future opportunities as the Kenya market continues to develop.